The web-based fully mobile accessible interface allows you to interact at key moments with the creative capacity we've built. It's the one-stop for all project touch points: initial scope generation, scheduling, bidding, green-lighting, review, feedback and delivery. This centralized resource hooks into your email, ensuring you don’t miss a beat.

Project Start

Start the process by telling us in simple terms what you need via image annotations, references and / or clear descriptions. Don't worry about using industry jargon - just find the best way to relay what you do or don't want to see in the final shot.

Task Based Bidding

OPEN has been designed to reduce internal costs while maintaining artistic intent. Pricing is influenced by variables including a historical analysis of similar tasks, ensuring alignment with our customers' likely demands. You'll definitely find costs are less than traditional out-of-house or in-house models.

Schedule and Greenlight

You tell us when you are ready to start and when you need the task completed. Behind the scenes, intelligent systems help us assign artists based upon the nature of the work, client time-zone, platform capacity, task schedule and provider rating. Once a task is green lit, this system helps our producers nail on-time, on-scope and on-budget deliveries, repeatedly and at scale.

Review, Notate & Final

Our review and revisions process allows you to give specific feedback directly to the team assigned to your shots, which always includes a producer. It's through this same interface that you'll see updates and be able to accept final delivery.