Are you low-ballers?

No, but we know what you mean. We aren’t negotiating quality for cost or timeliness, we understand that's a no go. Instead, we understand there is a ton of work that is fairly A->B and just needs to be executed, so our model caters to that in an innovative way. And if something gets more complex than initially expected, or needs production planning, etc we have the immediate ability to roll back to the old model with senior teams dedicated to the project.

Are you looking to hose other VFX houses or lower artist prices?

Nope. But, we aren’t afraid to rock the boat either. The old model where a highly experienced senior artist has a room full of people watching them remove a reflection in a car is dead in the water. Sure, it can be challenging to make the reflection go away, but we’d rather that highly skilled artist do things that got them hooked in the industry to start with, which we can almost guarantee is not that particular task. Or, we want that artist to crush through shots for a couple of days, and then... take some time to play with their kids or something.

Do you cater only to ad agencies?

Three in a row! Nope, we aren't here to pick sides between end marketers, ad agencies, production companies, editorial shops, film-makers, film studios or for that matter other VFX vendors. All are treated equally and we use smart analytics to tweak our pricing based upon past performance and internal capacity, getting the best deal for everyone.

Are you using foreign companies?

Sometimes. Our preference is to use US based artists located in our facilities, but when schedules and capacity require, we outsource to our production partners in timezones across this great, diverse earth. No matter what, a hefty QC process called the gauntlet, run by seasoned VFX artists, always ensures we are hitting the notes and delivering excellent work.

What are your hours?

As we scale, we will be 24-7-365 (366 on leap years). For now, we are 9a - 9p Eastern M-F. That said, with our worldwide footprint shot and task work proceeds around the clock.

Can I just sign up?

Demand would be off the charts if we just let everyone start using OPEN. As our capacity to execute perfectly is our most important resource, we add clients after understanding a bit more about your expected needs overall. Hence the need to have a conversation.

I'm an artist or team of artists, how can I participate?

Creative excellence, timely delivery and trust are important to us. Our goal is to help companies and teams who've nailed their core competency get enough work to reliably continue building their capacity. Please see the provider page to learn more.

Is this secure?

Given ZERO's work on feature films, we understand the need to keep images tightly held. For highly secure projects, we utilize only MPAA best practices to ensure your stuff remains your stuff.