The "creative pipeline" is our term for the globally interconnected system of artists, technologies and processes, battled tested across hundreds of feature films and many thousands of commercials. The pipeline ensures the creative is well supported and therefore, able to deliver great work repeatedly at scale.

ZERO leads the creative output with teams of highly experienced artists and production managers in their bi-coastal facilities. The global creative pipeline funnels into and is directed by these facilities, ensuring that if your project grows in scale or complexity, there is no creative ceiling.


Carefully growing and tracking our "always-on" capacity allows us to balance the needs of our clients while remaining firmly in control of each task in production.


If you are a VFX provider, OPEN presents a unique opportunity to grow your business. Convince us you've nailed your core competencies and we can help fill them, with clearly understood scoping documentation, timely and fair payments.


No matter where the work is executed, consistent and high quality results are the requirement. Prior to any shots being published for review, all are run through our Gauntlet QC process at ZERO, ensuring senior artists are giving it the stamp of approval.


Due to our scaled model, we see many of the same tasks, repeatedly. This incentivizes us to R&D bespoke technologies and processes to stay ahead of the curve, keeping creative high while delivering more efficiently.


Founder, CEO

Brian Drewes is the driving force behind OPEN and an original inventor of ZYNC, the VFX industry’s first fully on-demand cloud based image rendering service which was acquired by Google in 2014.

In addition to his entrepreneurial efforts, Brian has VFX produced and supervised feature films and hundreds of commercials throughout his career.


ZERO is a full service animation and visual effects company with offices in Boston and Los Angeles. The company collaborates and creates award winning imagery with film-makers and creatives across all content industries: features, episodics, commercials, experiential and digital.

We have a unique viewpoint, both creatively and business-wise. Our preference are long-term partnerships with the belief that teams united in shared goals make better stuff. Which means we all win. Novel approaches to both the projects we execute and the builds we self-fund ensure we don't get stale.

Whether a small regional commercial or a feature film sequence with highly complex shots, we are engaged with our clients to deliver the best work possible.