Scalable and flexible - from a single shot to hundreds, OPEN is equally responsive due to our global footprint and complex production management systems.

Cost Efficient

The model allows our pricing to remain low without compromise.


Task-based bidding allows full control over your spends.


All project touch points are housed in one clean UI, a far superior option than current solutions.

High Quality

With origins in feature films, creative is tuned to deliver amazing results, well beyond the capabilities of smaller operations.

No Creative Ceiling

You'll never hit a wall if the project grows in complexity or scale.


So long as you have internet, you can use OPEN.



For our providers, OPEN provides something the VFX industry currently lacks: a true sales funnel. This allows you to grow a solid business, reducing the 'feast or famine' existence many companies find themselves merely surviving, not flourishing in.

Your core competency is your bedrock and we can help fill it. If you wish to grow we can help you carefully expand into other areas, ensuring success each step of the way through our platform and bulletproof back room process and production support.