In our media-rich world, content creators quickly lose relevance if they aren't consistently inspiring an audience to act. Ad agencies, brand-owners, episodic, OTT, studios and downstream vendors are re-evaluating. Industries are in flux.

OPEN was born as a response to the demands of this new era. We've paired substantial creative capacity with an industry first platform allowing us to deliver better work, faster and more affordably.


From your phone, tablet or laptop you can easily bid, green light, review and finalize many VFX or post-production tasks.

Drag and drop your files to begin
Tell us what's to be
done and by when
We price and
confirm schedule
Share progress,
revise and we QC

Accept delivery and download!

The platform is your dedicated producer

and serves as your single, highly transparent point of contact through the entire project life cycle. The workflow is designed from the ground up by those working daily in the trenches and built by the visionaries behind ZYNC, the world's first cloud-rendering platform (acquired by Google in 2014).

The creative pipeline is led by ZERO,

a bi-coastal feature film and commercial VFX company with additional support from other providers in virtually all time-zones.

Capacity management and tasking system

functions as a matchmaker, helping our producers get a green lit project into production anywhere in the world quickly. This system also ensures our producers have access to historically weighted data-driven analysis of like tasks to ensure on-time delivery routinely.

Gauntlet is a system of checks and balances

originally developed for feature film work. This step is a stamp of approval from a senior artist on every shot published.


The platform excels at delivering work that is easy to explain and labor intensive to achieve. For scenarios that require production planning, set supervision, heavy design or complex CG builds we transition into the 'old' model effortlessly. Upload the boards or references and our senior producers and creative directors jump in, always carrying the OPEN ethos along the way.

There are no monthly subscription fees, use us when it fits your project, or just check bid us to see how it all works.

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